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Workplace Safety: New Employee Checklist

New Employee Checklist

One of the best times to promote on-the-job safety is BEFORE new employees begin to work.

Introduction:  Take a new employee on a tour of the company’s work areas. Familiarize them with the company’s various departments and facilities.

Explain:  Go through details on safety requirements.

Demonstrate:  Explain the job to the new employee and include detailed demonstrations that specify important safety practices.

Test:  When the employee understands the procedure, have them do the job while you watch. Correct any improper or unsafe acts and explain why.

Double-Check:  Test the progress of the new employee several times during their first few weeks of employment. Observe and evaluate the employees’ work methods. Correct any deviation from the safe work procedures described during the earlier job demonstration procedure.

This is a partial checklist that could be used as part of your new employee training. Adding your specific rules and personal protective equipment to the list, can make it complete.

• Tour of the Department and Facilities  • Proper Lifting Procedures

• Personal Protective Equipment Issued, Use, Cleaning  • Specific Safety Rules Applicable in each Department

• Where to Keep Personal Belongings  • What to do in the Event of an Injury/Non Injury Accident

• Fire Safety / Emergency Planning Rules  • Clean-Up Rules – Housekeeping/Special

• How to Report Unsafe Conditions  • Hazard Communications Training